Do you still have money in other accounts outside of your Solo 401(k)? 



The stock market has taken a DEEP dive, unemployment rate is growing, and businesses are shutting down left and right. 


Right now, governors across the country are slowly lifting lockdown rules in an attempt to keep our economy alive. We are faced with factors outside of our control (eg. covid, stock market crash, unemployment). And, if you can help it, why leave your financial welfare to these external factors? The economy is in shambles but you’re still in a good position to survive this mess.

Bottom line: If you want to roll over your other accounts into your self-directed account = we can help. 

You already know that self-direction is the way to go. Take control of your other retirement accounts and stop losing money by the minute. 

We’ve been busy this past month helping customers in your position. 

Stock Market Down
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If you are interested in hearing more options for your money in other accounts outside of your Solo 401(k) or Self-Directed IRA we can help.