Having Real Estate in your Retirement account is possible?

For many years we have been told by financial advisors, investment companies, and even our predecessors what we can and can’t do with our retirement funds in our accounts. As markets go more uncertain and as options seem bleaker it’s time to look into alternative ways to invest your money.

Alternative Investments are making a surge in this ever-changing market of investments. Finding ways to get into alternative investments to balance your portfolio are key in this day of investing. So what types of alternative investments are out there for me to put my money into? Well the IRS has been very open to what you can and cannot do with retirement accounts and what investments are allowed. Some very clear options you have are, Rental Property, Trust Deeds, Land to name a few. For this article I want to briefly talk about the strategy of owning a rental property in your retirement account and what benefits it provides. Some of the key advantages to owning a property inside of your retirement account are:

  • Realized Gains

  • Rental income that is not taxed

  • No Capital Gains Tax

  • Fixed return that you get to decide

In the next few articles I will discuss each of these topics individually and in depth to help you better understand the opportunities real estate can offer. Is it time for you to look at alternative options? Do you want to find ways to diversify your eggs into other baskets…

Then its time to look alternative.

As always, we recommend reaching out to a CPA or Tax Professional. As licensed professionals they are the most familiar with IRS tax documents and can give advice where we cannot.